Good health

Good health is the secret of merry life. Good health can be defined as a state of being powerful and free from physical or mental illness. It is the most precious property of man. If you lose your health, he loses a charm of happy living. Ask the man who has lost his health. He will tell you the value of good health. Health is the real wealth of man.

& # 39; Sound mind in sound body & # 39; Is an old saying. Healthy mind is found only in a healthy body. Patients have a disease in mind. Their attitude to life is dark. On the other hand, if the person has good health, his life's perspective is also healthy. He can work for a long time without being tired. If a student has good health, the memory is good and his mind is sharp.

You can not get good health on demand. There are certain things that are essential for good health. Nourishing food comes first. We should only take that food that is nutritious value. Fresh air is also important for good health. People living in the seafront usually enjoy good health. Exercise plays a major role in making a healthy and fit person. Balance of sleep and sleep also contributes to good health.

There are certain things that are bad for your health. We should protect ourselves from them. Smoking is a health hazard. Eat too much spoil yourself digestive tract. If a person is irregular in his routine, he is likely to lose his health. Lack of energy also causes poor health. Then one must be able to lead a happy and healthy life.

Source by Natasha Salve