Yoga and Health Benefits

Most people who really benefit from yoga are those who practice and continue to practice. Often times beginners try yoga once and never again. They do not see how to stretch themselves or put their bodies in an awkward position helps their lives. Here are 5 reasons why we love Yoga lovers:

1. Yoga Relax:

When practicing yoga, you need full attention. The exercise allows you to free yourself from the long, hard day and turn in. For an hour or so, the exercise must be in the current moment. Most of the day we are busy working, or making plans, or thinking about where we need to go, what we need to do … At this time or hour, your mind needs to focus and remove from all the things you're doing Types or things to do because in order to make some positions, or listen to the mentor, you need to pay attention. By leaving your workload behind or dropping through your thoughts about "must do" then you are clearing your mind about that time. When your mind is clear, you can better reflect in the past, plan your future and enjoy the current moment.

2. Yoga strengthens the body:

Yoga is a workout – out of your mind! There is no doubt that yoga clusters and girls strengthen your muscles and help you lose weight and control the cell. It also depends on how often you practice (on and outside with your mum). Practicing regularly will strengthen them more than others. Yoga allows you to learn about your own body. What can you do? What do you like or dislike? It teaches you your physical limitations, physical ability and physical preferences. How can you strengthen your body without first learning your own? By practicing you can find out if you have back-bender, arm balancer or both! I can tell you that I never feel flexible before I started practicing Yoga. Over time, I realized that I'm much more flexible than I thought (in my body and mind)! Being flexible and open minded, allows you to be flexible and open in your body. Try it, you have everything to accomplish.

3. Yoga strengthens the mind:

Simple- "Healthy body = Healthy mind." Yoga offers us tools that help us to think clearly. You say, "How can I go upside down helps me clear my mind?" Well, actually, to go upside down, the blood flow turns into the brain that cleans out the old and the pumps new and fresh. In addition, the practice of Yoga (Asana) has everything you need to take from your mats. For example, as you practice, one goal is to keep your body active, yet soft. We call this Sthira-Sukha. (Sthira – Company and Alert) and (Sukha-Ease and without tension). Sounds like a piece of cake? Think again. Our exercise helps us find this balance because we find this balance we can take on our exercises. Otherwise, simply stopping. Think about how this might benefit from living outside of your mom. At your workplace, employers pay those who have the ability to lead, be strong and strong, talk up, be quick (features that Sthira brings) but – they also need those who keep calm in crisis, have troubled skills, are polite, communicate Good to others (qualities that Sukha brings). Do not you want both at work? Completely.

4. Yoga teaches you to prevent:

Yoga helps you not only reflect and sort all your issues (even those you did not know you had) but it helps you Also to prevent problems in your life. Yoga increases your thinking ability. Sometimes we want to do things over and over again, hoping for or expecting a different outcome each time (definition of insanity). I know I'm guilty of that too! Yoga exercise is the little lightbulb that appears in your head and tells you, "Hey, maybe I should try something different as this clearly does not work." So, you might ask, "How can you do yoga to help me with this!" Here's the result: As teachers teach you about your body, they also teach you how far you can go or if you've gone too far. If your body does not feel good or pain, you are asked to come and try a different or modified bag that is better for your body. See the connection? Sometimes these ideas are not even noticed. We begin to say, "Yoga feels good, puts me in a better mood, changed my life .. etc.". That is because when we begin practice, we begin to recognize what prevents us and we know them more quickly than before, by clear thinking, we take action. Over time, this will be a preventive tool.

5. Yoga Converter Old Habits:

You know these bad practices that you have and find it very difficult to step away from them? Well, here's where Yoga can help you in this area of ​​your life. Yoga practice allows you to know all sorts of things about yourself that you did not know. Simply because it, as previously stated, requires you to have full attention. Once you've learned about yourself, you know your routine (good and bad). As you know, the first step is to change everything to recognize the problem. In this case, recognize your bad habits. Sometimes we are not fully aware of our routine. So how can we change them if we do not even know we have them? By practicing Yoga we learn about our bodies, wishes and our health. Of course, we are watching ourselves as learning ourselves and seeing ourselves with the eyes of the world outside of us. This is not so easy to do, especially if we are so busy in our stressful and busy lives. As we grow over time, we become very sensitive to taking care of ourselves and that's when we clearly know our routines. To go into depth, we begin to recognize how we could better make our practices better or change things in other areas to help balance what we can not change. For example, excessive smokers or beers who wish they could stop their habits found it almost impossible to let go. Working with your body, over time, teaches the term "let go of what does not serve me". Over time, with exercises and, last but not least, a change will come and it will come naturally.


Source by Christina Oganesyan

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