What’s the distinction between Kundalini, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga?

There are some several types of yoga which might be practiced at present. Three widespread kinds are: Kundalini, Vinyasa and Hatha.


Kundalini Yoga, often known as Yoga of Consciousness, known as Kundalini or orkutank. Curling like a serpent on the backside of the backbone. Doctrines say that this serpent, or vitality, is "sleeping" or asleep. By working towards this kind of yoga, the vitality step by step wakes up and raises your consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga focuses on using a backbone and navel heart so as to increase Kundalini vitality saved within the backbone. Respiratory is essential. Each asana ought to train with a sure respiration sequence.

Whereas it could be bodily difficult, it is likely one of the religious sorts of yoga. Along with the asanas are particular mantras, chanting and meditation sequence.

Though it has been mentioned Kundalini is over 5000 years, virtually all we all know comes from a person named Yogi Bhajan. Bhajan launched his data of Kundalini yoga to the west in 1969 and taught till 2004.

Bhajan based 3HO (Wholesome, Comfortable, Holy Group) to pursue his teachings.


Vinyasa means "put in a sure manner" or "spirit with motion." Vinyasa yoga is a robust, flowing type of yoga that emphasizes the synchronization of motion and spirit. The aim of this emphasis is inner cleansing.

As you circulation from Asana to Asana, you inhale or breathe. Vinyasa, or Movement, is likely one of the sooner sorts of yoga. There’s additionally quite a lot of modifications. Every trainer could have somewhat completely different "circulation". Pray this with Bikram yoga, which is at all times precisely the identical pose sequence.

Referred to as "Father of Fashionable Yoga", Sri T. Krishnamacharya broke Vinyasa-Ashtanga Yoga within the fashionable world. Krishnamacharya was born in 1888 and had 4 college students, one among them named Parrabhi Jois. Jois started to determine the Ashtanga Yoga Institute as he teaches and works Vinyasa Movement.


Hatha means deliberate or extended. It additionally means Solar Moon, which represents opposing masculinity / femininity, day / evening, winter / summer time, lively / passive, and so on. Hatha is greatest recognized by 6 primary branches of yoga that comprise tantra, karma, raja, bhakti and jnana yoga.

Hatha is often a slower kind that goals to stretch and maintain. The positions are typically held for 15-30 seconds with aware respiration.

Hatha will be simply traced to not less than 15th century. The guide, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, written by Svami Svatmarama, is taken into account to be a traditional information to yoga.

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